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Erkki Liikanen at Global IPv6 Service Launch Event

"IPv6 is part of the next generation of Internet technology. It will improve the performance of the Internet and it will enable the Internet to be integrated into a wide range of devices and services in our homes, businesses and while on the move. The introduction of IPv6, alongside unrestricted access to broadband, is of great importance. Together they will help to offer citizenís wider access to an advanced Information Society"

European Commission IPv6 Hot Links:

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  • The Regional Internet Registries, IPv6 Task
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         Support of Global IPv6 Deployment
  • Deployment plans behind larger IPv6
  • IPv6 Task Force Releases Call for Action
         at EU Level
  • Dr. Vinton Cerf

    "The value of IPv6 can be realized only if the deployment effort is broadly based on a global scale. Part of the IPv6 Task Force effort needs to be devoted to fostering IPv6 understanding where ever the Internet has gone, and beyond that to places where it can go with the help of the much-expanded IPv6 address space.

    I encourage your initiative and support your efforts to create a receptive environment for the development, delivery and use of IPv6 in the global Internet".

    ISOC Member Briefings:

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