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Press Releases
Latest IPv6 news continuously published at the IPv6 Cluster site
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2004-05-11 The Regional Internet Registries, IPv6 Task Forces and IPv6 Forum Pledge Co-operative Support of Global IPv6 Deployment  
2003-12-22 European Commission showcases deployment of IPv6, the new Internet protocol  
2003-11-29 European Commission presents IPv6, the new Internet protocol  
2003-11-05 IPv6 Task Force Releases Call for Action at EU Level  
2003-07-14 NetScreen among firms adding IPv6 to firewalls  
2003-07-07 IPv6: The Cornerstone of a global wired world  
2003-07-03 Networld+Interop'2003 in Japan report  
2003-06-13 Briefing on New Defense Department Internet Protocol  
2003-06-13 IPv6 to Enable Net-Centric Operations in the United States Department of Defense  
2003-04-03 The Registration for the Next Madrid 2003 Global IPv6 Summit is Open  
2003-02-25 P2P application using ONLY IPv6  
2003-02-19 NTT Europe Launches Commercial IPv6 Service  
2003-02-05 United States Strategy to Secure CyberSpace  
2003-02-04 IPv6 Promotion Council of Japan: IPv6 Appli-Contest 2003  
2003-01-29 Japanese publishing company "Impress", who is already publishing "IPv6 Magazine", has now started new web pages for IPv6 education and promotion  
2003-01-07 Microsoft Releases Windows Media 9 Series with IPv6 Support  
2003-01-07 Internet Society Announces $100,000 Grant from Qualys for IPv6 education!  
2002-10-21 Clarke stumps for Net Security Center  
2002-10-17 NGN 2002 Keynote: Cyber Security - Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Responses  
2002-10-09 Global Crossing European Customers Pioneer Use of Next Version of Internet Protocol  
2002-10-03 IPv6 Data Transfer Record Established  
2002-10-02 XS4ALL Introduces IPv6 in the Netherlands  
2002-09-26 ISP Andrews & Arnold announces IPv6 over DSL service  
2002-09-25 IPv6 Transition: Preparing For The Big Shift  
2002-09-23 Poll Shows Divisions Over IPv6  
2002-09-18 Europe and Japan collaborate to adopt IPv6  
2002-09-16 Europe and Japan Drive Next Generation Internet  
2002-09-12 Cambridge Silicon Radio announces IPv6-webserver on bluetooth chip  
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